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WELCOME TO CXM Trading Trading Company!

CXM Trading is a merchant trading company with supply and procurement capabilities. We trade in a wide range of commodities across retail, health & safety, building materials, machinery, automobile, hospitality & recreational, as well as medical & pharmaceuticals and more. We have strong business relationships with leading suppliers in the world.

Apart from commodity trading, CXM Trading also offers bespoke other key services including procurement and supply, import & exportation Ecommerce, and logistic & shipping solutions to customers around the world.


Global Presence

We boast on the ground presence in all key markets and topnotch reputation in the borders we operate.


A highly flexible and tailored service which is customized to the individual needs of our customers and clients.

Honest & Reliable

CXM Trading strongly believes in creating future together notion, based on transparency and honesty with customers.

Experience & Expertise

We leverage our experience and intelligence to secure the best deals and partnerships across the world.


Loyalty is earned, and we do this by providing world class products and being noted for quality and assurance.

Quality Assured

Our experience allows us to provide the best quality of service to our clients and partners around the world.

Why choose us?


We aim to deliver quality products to customers and superior returns to shareholders.


To be the number one leader in sourcing and supplying qualities goods and services.

Core Values

CXM Trading LCD Limited values are integrity,
onest and flexibility

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